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Travel and event photoblog of Berlin based photographer Adam Vradenburg. 

People Make Glasgow

Anyone who has visited Glasgow already knows that "People Make Glasgow". It's nearly impossible to order a round at the bar, without striking up a conversation with someone. Just reading the slogan you might think it's catchphrase to compensate for less than picturesque cityscape. On the contrary, the city has plenty of beautiful spots. 

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Juno 17 in Russia

I already posted the companion piece to this article with snaps of Kazan, Samara and Moscow. You might have gotten the impression that we did a lot of sightseeing. In actual fact, the majority of the time was spent traveling and having a few drinks or at gig locations while having a few drinks. I happily present Juno 17 on tour in Russia.

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Skiing in Zillertal, Austria

For 5 days straight there wasn't a cloud in the sky, which is great for sunning on the patio outside the chalet but doesn't provide much variation for taking photos. I never get tired of seeing the mountains though, even after a long drive with traffic and lots to organize, it's always worth it. 

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For the Love of Analog: Film Photography

Since I like applying old stock photo presets to my digital images, it seemed like a natural step to go back to "the basics" and try taking pictures with 35mm film - Kodak Gold 100 surprisingly still regularly stocked at the local drug store. 

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Water Bussing it in Venice

See Venice and die, the saying goes. Yes, see Venice and die of old age waiting for your flight at the Marco Polo Airport is the origin of the phrase, I believe. The phrase is actually "See Naples and die", and the frustration of going through the Venice airport is a hefty but comparatively small price to pay for such a beautiful city.

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One Day in Dubvrovnik

Dubrovnik has become a popular tourist destination, in some cases a little too popular, but it's easy to see why. Just getting there you are treated to some spectacular views. 

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It's Always Sunny in San Francisco

The sun was shining for a week straight in San Francisco, which is nice for getting a tan but a bit monotonous in taking photos. The famous fog, called Karl, also didn't make an appearance unfortunately. But with the jet lag I was usually up early - rare for me - and was able to get some nice pictures at sunrise. 

Last Chance to Dance: Funeral for a Friend

It's two days on and I am still absolutely gutted one of my favorite bands, Funeral for a Friend (FFAF), played their last shows ever here in Berlin. They put on two concerts back to back, and played one complete album each night, in addition to a number of their hits and fan favorites. I took some pictures, very carefully, at opportune moments when the moshing would subside, for brief moments.

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